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Auckland & Waikato Scaffolding, Safety Nets & Temp Fencing Services - Ultimate Protection NZ



Auckland & Waikato Scaffolding, Safety Nets & Temp Fencing Services

We are here to help and no job is too big or too small.

Our highest priority is to work with you to exceed your expectations and meet your time frames.

Before we start, we will provide you with a complete electronic plan for your site through the Layher software so you can preview the structure before its built, allowing the job to be timely and cost-effective.

Also, you can rest assured that all services carried out by Ultimate Protection will be done to the highest quality and in compliance with health and safety regulations.


  • The scaffolding is compliant with WorkSafe regulations.

  • The platform height is set up as you need it.

  • There is stair access on every site.

  • You don’t come down until you’re ready. When completed all gear is taken off site.

Auckland & Waikato Scaffolding, Safety Nets & Temp Fencing Services - Ultimate Protection NZ


We use the Layher Allround system. The Layher system is the best in scaffolding design thanks to its quality and expansive set of applications.


Made in Germany, Layher is the world’s leading scaffolding and temporary works infrastructure.

It is lighter, faster, stronger – and best of all it is proven. It is reliable. It is best-in-class.


All Layher parts and equipment are certified in accordance with NZ standards.


Scaffolding over 200 + houses a year, we understand that the requirements of building a house and that time frames can change. Don’t worry - your operations manager has you covered. We will turn up on the day you want your scaffold installed and we'll be there when its ready to come down.


Unlike many other scaffolding systems, Layher excels when it comes to industrial and commercial projects.


Whether it be a mobile roof, access tower, commercial building, maintenance platform, or even a rubbish chute, we can do it all.


We can provide scaffolding solutions for concerts, temporary bridges, public access, temporary roofs, event structures, and many more applications.


Whether it’s a local event or a movie set the specialised components we have will make sure that any project can be undertaken to the highest standard.

We understand that price plays a major factor in your decision.

Send us a plan and let us quote your upcoming job. Upon your approval, we guarantee you will be pleased you decided to use Ultimate Protection as your scaffolding service.



If you are after safety nets for your job we can meet your requirements and provide a competitive price for all residential houses.

Our qualified net installers will make sure there is no delay with the installation or dismantling of nets at your site.

All safety nets installed will comply with standards; BS8411:2007 (Code of Practice for Construction Sites), BSEN1263-1:2002 (How to Make a Net) and BSEN1263-2 (How to Rig a Net).

Auckland & Waikato Scaffolding, Safety Nets & Temp Fencing Services - Ultimate Protection NZ
Auckland & Waikato Scaffolding, Safety Nets & Temp Fencing Services - Ultimate Protection NZ


Whether you have small residential job or a large-scale event a temporary fencing solution from Ultimate Protection will meet all of your requirements. 

We can deliver a strong, aesthetic solution suitable for securing your site, and provide the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your sites fencing complies with current legislation and work safety regulations.

We plan, deliver and install fencing to your requirements and will remove all fencing when the job is complete.

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