Ultimate protection uses the Layher allround system which is the lead design in scaffolding due to its expansive use of applications. Ultimate protection can provide scaffolding for all services based in Auckland and Queenstown Lakes.

Having the top scaffolding system means it needs to be backed up by qualified installers who have had vast experience in the industry. The Ultimate Protection team is led by an advanced scaffolder who has been in the industry for over 20 years completing a range of industrial and commercial projects throughout Auckland. His knowledge and experience is unmatched with many clients requesting him back for future jobs.
As part of our process our team will work with your requirements and time frames. A major part of our process is making sure that all our scaffolds and services are compliant with the relevant health and safety legislation. You can be assured that all services carried out by Ultimate Protection will be done to the highest standard allowing your site to be fully compliant with worksafe standards.
Our experienced team and scaffolding system allows us to provide scaffold and access solutions for:
  • Residential Housing
  • Industrial Sites
  • Commercial Projects
  • Bridges
  • Events
  • Stair Access
  • Propping
  • Suspended Scaffolding
  • Temporary Roofs

Residential housing

Ultimate Protection is scaffolding over 200 + houses a year. We understand the requirements of building a house and that time frames are most likely going to change due to the nature of external circumstances. Our operation managers will be in contact with you consistently making sure that we turn up on the day you want your scaffold installed/dismantled.

Once on site we will aim to make sure that your scaffold is installed in one day. Not only will the process be quick but the team will make sure that:
  • The scaffolding is compliant with worksafe once installed
  • The platform height is done to how you want it
  • That there is stair access on every job
  • When completed all gear is taken off site
We not only look after the some of biggest home builders in the country but also look after the private builders that are doing 1- 8 houses a year.
With all this said, we understand that price plays a major factor in your decision. Send us through a plan and let us quote an upcoming job. Upon your approval we guarantee you will be pleased you decided to use Ultimate Protection for your scaffolding service.

If you are building a single level house be sure to ask the team about our single level scaffolding system which has been designed so that it saves you money and time. Features of this system:
  • Installed/Dismantled in half a day
  • Edge protection
  • 4 planks wide
  • Stair Access

Industrial Sites/Commercial Sites

The most significant part of the layher scaffolding is the extent to which it can be used. Unlike many other scaffolding systems layher excels when it comes to industrial and commercial projects. We have a close relationship with the supplier of our scaffolding which allows us to work in with their engineers to help generate the best solution and gear requirements for your project. From this we will provide you with a completed electronic design through the layher software which will enable you to preview the structure before being built. This will make the process run efficiently and assure you that all your requirements have been met.

Whether it be a mobile roof, access tower, commercial building, maintenance platform or even a rubbish chute Ultimate Protection can do it all.

Our health and safety is paramount and is the number one priority for any job. By using our services you can be assured that all health and safety aspects set by current legislation will be met and that any job undertaken will be to worksafe standards.

Events/special projects

Ultimate Protection scaffolding system allows us to provide scaffolding solutions for concerts, temporary bridges, public access, temporary roofs, event structures and many more applications. Whether it's a local event or a movie set the specialised components we have will make sure that any project can be undertaken to the highest standard.
Your project will be generated through the layher software which you will be able to see before the structure is erected. This will help assure that all your requirements have been met. It may even be that you want modifications to your project and by using this software it will mean that you can have the option of removing or adding components before the erection allowing the job to be timely and cost effective.

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